Moore books and publications on ECONOMY

The publication Al-Ahram weekly online, its Economy file;

IDRC books in Economy, free online-books from 1995 to 2006;

Economic Autonomy and Democracy – Hybrid Regimes in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, by Kelly M. McMann, not yet published – available from June 2006;

Research and Publications (from 2001 to 2006) of the Policy Institute, Edinburgh EH2 4NA, England;

Another economic item: what the Empire Wars are costing the United States in US National Dept: see this at every second changing amount on the head of this Al Jazeerah info front page;

… (to become) world’s first oil-free Economy, an article by John Vidal;

The global economic governance programme of the University of Oxford & the University College, Oxford, publications and speeches, and … without politics;
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Documents and Publictions, and … without politics;

Improving global economic Governance;

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