Some reports on Africa and Education

Linked with our presentation of Frederick Akhelumele – Nigeria.

Linked also with our presentation of Youthcare International.

Excerpt: A year after the Commission for Africa report was released and there have been some achievements, but the biggest change would have been to make trade fairer for Africa and that remains elusive … Debt relief was controversially extended to improve education in Nigeria, where corruption and conflict have swallowed the country’s natural wealth. On aid, the world is a long way short of agreeing to double aid for Africa, the report’s bold ambition. But there has been progress. America is moving towards increases, despite the failure of its last big idea, the so-called “Millennium Challenge Account”, to deliver even a fraction of the money promised. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel, previously an aid sceptic, says that she will try to meet Germany’s commitments. Technical ways to raise more money have progressed even if the hard cash is not there yet. (Read the rest of this article on BBCnews).

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