Tadjikistan: political Apathy hampers democratization

6/16/06, Freedom House Report Highlights “Governance Gap” in Central Asia, Caucasus.

A study released June 13 by Freedom House focuses attention on a “governance gap” in energy-rich states in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The report, titled Nations in Transit 2006, identifies several disturbing trends in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and other nations in the European Union’s “Eastern neighborhood,” including weak political institutions, plummeting standards, expanding limits on press freedom and rampant corruption. The accumulation of wealth, through the development of energy resources, does not stand to foster stable societies, the report suggests.

“National leaders in these countries appear not to understand that improving accountability will provide citizens what they want – prosperity and rule of law – and would give their states more options internationally,” the report’s editor, Jeannette Goehring said in a written statement.

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