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Ecuador’s NGOs: The socio-economic realities of Ecuador are, for many, as grave as they have ever been. Regrettably, 74.9% of the Ecuadorian population remains unemployed or subemployed while well over half of the nation lives under the poverty line. Moreover, as the cost of living has risen drastically in the wake of dollarization, the per capita GNP and the GDP have consistently decreased for the past several years, bringing more hardship and suffering to those who have spent the past decade struggling to hold on. Meanwhile, with neoliberal measures steadily diminishing the State’s role in the economy as well as its ability to maintain any kind of social welfare infrastructure, and with the government dedicating roughly half of the nation’s resources to keeping up with interest payments on its USD 12 billion external debt, Ecuador has been unable to count on the State to act as a benefactor.

However, in the face of economic hardship, a number of NGOs have been doing a remarkable job helping the nation to get by. Working to fill the gaps left by a faltering economy and a lack of governmental assistance, NGOs have played an indispensable role in helping the nation’s marginalized citizenry meet their basic needs, encouraging sustainable development, and protecting the nation’s natural resources from exploitation.

Recognizing the importance of the increasingly vital role played by Ecuador’s many noteworthy NGOs, would like to highlight the work of some of the nation’s more distinguished non-governmental organizations. What follows is a fairly comprehensive list of some of the nation’s most notable NGOs along with links to their web sites (when applicable), a brief description of their work and principle projects, contact information, and information for would-be volunteers.

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