The World Bank’s Recipe for Climate Disaster

Linked with our presentation of Oronto Douglas – Nigeria, and of Nigeria’s Oil and the population, also of Environemental Rights Action ERA – Nigeria, and
SEEN – Sustainble Energy & Economic Network. Also with The World Bank’s Recipe for Climate Disaster.

A new investment framework to tackle climate change does nothing to address global warming, while sacrificing the poorest on the altar of “business as usual,” activists charged as World Bank and IMF staff approved the framework at their spring meetings in Washington. The Bank strategy proposes the world embrace untested coal technologies, nuclear power, and large hydropower as solutions to global warming, while giving short shrift to renewable energy. (Read all about World Bank, Environemental Concerns and Oil Business on SEEN, the Sustainable Energy & Economy Network).

See here their Reports;

like ‘the winners and loosers of World Bank Fossil Fuel Finance’ (April 2004).

See also the World Fact Book/Nigeria.

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