about Leftism – some controversial blogs and articles

Linked with our presentation of Howard Zinn – USA.

Left-wing politics, a not finished discussion, including its sub-links, see wikipedia - and also its archived discussion on Talk on wikipedia.

Chinese Neo-Leftism, see also on wikipedia.

Other links about leftism:

attac international;

in french: Université d’été 2006: Ruptures avec le néolibéralisme, Mettre les alternatives au coeur des débats de 2007. La 7ème Université d’été se déroulera à Poitiers du 25 au 29 août 2006. Le programme s’articulera autour des thèmes du Manifeste des alternatives, qui consiste à faire des échéances électorales françaises de 2007 et 2008 un grand moment de débat public sur les ruptures nécessaires avec les politiques néolibérales. Renseignements, programme (à venir) et inscription par mail ici.

The World Fact Book/WORLD;

But Which Way Is Right? By Karen Porter, May 2006;

Rich Democracies, by Harold L. Wilensky, on the University of California Press;

Interview with Samuel Edward Konkin III, on S.P.A.Z.org;

What I mean by Regimentation, on Social Memory Complex;

International Project for a Participatory Society, articles and blogs on ZNet;

Dissecting Leftism;

People’s Democracy, Bengal’s Communist Party;

Hu Jintao and the new China, by Francesco Sisci, on AsiaTimes online;

Beyond Leftism, by Tony Giddens, on the policy-network.net;

Leftism 101, by Lawrence Jarach, on Green Anarchy; and also on insurgent desire;

Lots of noise about a likely silence, the Sydney Morning Herald;

Chip Berlet and the Ford Zoo, Executive Intelligence Review;

Mexican election ‘telenovela’ mirrors Philippines’ crisis, by Amando Doronila, July 07, 2006;

Are American Sinisterists Worse than Hitler? By Bruce Walker (06/24/2006), on the American Daily;

LEFTISTS, By George Irbe a blog of John Ray;

a guide to what is left, by MaxSpeak.org;

Why is there a Left? on Conservative Voice;

Jacob Williams’ Blog about raging leftism;

“Economic Brief: The New Role of Coal in Energy Security”, on PINR;

New Left Review;

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