Another Communication is possible

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BIA News Center, July 03,2006, by Erhan USTUNDAG.

(Excerpt): … Journalists and rights activists from the Establishing a Countrywide Network for Monitoring and Covering for Media Freedom and Independent Journalism Project (B?A˛), who started off with this appeal, now aim to contribute their own experiences to those of others and widen the pool of experience with the “International Independent Media Forum” to be held at the Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus between November 3-5, 2006.

The forum which is jointly organized by the IPS Communication Foundation (Istanbul) and IPS Inter Press Service (Rome, Berlin, Johannesburg, Bangkok and Montevideo) will host independent media and news initiatives from the world such as Indymedia-Filistin, Z-Net, Le Monde Diplomatique, Al Jazeera, OurMedia, Taz, TeleSUR, Il Manifesto as well as ongoing experiences from Turkey including Acik Radyo and Bianet. Many representatives of the local media, academics, activists and students will also participate. The list of participants grows by the day.

The Forum will start off on Friday, November 3, 2006, with a press conference and opening reception that will be attended by those organising the event and speaking at the forum.

One of the issues on the forum agenda will be the occasional claims in columns of mass selling newspapers that “communication faculties are training enemies of the media” and “if you are going to be a journalist, don’t go to communication faculties”.

The forum will bring together communications students and lecturers from Turkey and abroad giving them an important opportunity to determine the current conditions and to consider a new communications education model.

Communications students have already started to prepare to discuss their experiences, achievements and futures. In the coming days, the forum will launch a drive to reach out to every student who has something to say on independent media and communications education.

Without limiting itself only to academic debates in panels, conferences and lectures, the forum is open to all students who wish to be heard.

Participation to the forum us free and open to everyone. Forum developments can be followed from its dedicated web site.

Today it is more difficult but that much more necessary to create a mass communication field that is independent of big capital and the state. The International Istanbul Independent Media Forum will underline this point and bring together those who believe in an independent media.

The forum will not be limited to three days as it will be preceded by debates and followed by new communications networks with new experiences.

Another communication is possible! (EU/II/YE).

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