Tax costs

Today the Service Employees International Union Local 21, a public service employee union in Louisiana, released the USAction/Emergency Campaign for America’s Priorities report entitled “Protecting Louisiana’s Priorities: The Hidden Costs of Repeal or Drastic Reduction of the Federal Estate Tax” to its members who struggle to make ends meet on two or three jobs. The report reveals the great cost estate tax repeal or reduction would have to Louisiana for the benefit of a mere 91 multimillionaires. To read the report, go to and click on “State Reports,” which can be found under “ESTATE TAX REPEAL: WRONG PRIORITIES. The city and school support workers who make up SEIU Local 21 want to remind Senators Vitter and Landrieu that they barely make ends meet and the middle class is slipping away from them every day,” said Maria Wickstrom, president of Local 21LA. “The people of Louisiana elected our Senate leaders to look out for the interests of working families — not heirs and heiresses to the very rich.” The estate tax repeal and recent estate tax reduction proposals favor the lucky few born with silver spoons in their mouths over the hardworking Americans who make up the vast majority of this country. On Sen. Landrieu’s recent proposal to raise the exemption levels and lower the rates on the estate tax, Wickstrom commented today: “We do not support Landrieu’s estate tax bill. We oppose a repeal and any modified version of a repeal. Landrieu’s version may not be as costly as a full repeal but it is still a proposal that benefits the wealthy, adds to our looming deficit, and exacerbates income inequality.” … (Read the whole article on US Newswire).

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