Major Works by Immanuel Wallerstein

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  • The Modern World System: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World Economy in the Sixteenth Century, Academic Press; (August 1997).
  • The Modern World System II: Mercantilism and the Consolidation of the European World-Economy, 1600-1750, Academic Press; (June 1980).
  • The Modern World System III: The Second Era of Great Expansion of the Capitalist World-Economy, 1730-1840s, Academic Press; (December 1988).
  • The Capitalist World Economy. Cambridge University Press; (June 1979).
  • Historical Capitalism With Capitalist Civilization. W.W. Norton & Company; 2nd edition (July 1996).
  • Geopolitics and Geoculture: Essays on the Changing World-System, Cambridge University Press; (September 1991).
  • The Essential Wallerstein, New Press; (May 2000).
  • The End of the World as We Know It: Social Science for the Twenty-First Century, Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt); 1st edition (July 28, 1999).
  • The Decline of American Power, New Press; (July 2003).

About the Author (e-mail): Immanuel Wallerstein directs the Fernand Braudel Center at Binghamton University and teaches at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris. His many books include After Liberalism; Utopistics; The Modern World-System; and Historical Capitalism.

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