Africa’s development

How to help technology help African entrepreneurs? A current discussion at the worldbank, July 2006, (see there the whole article).

Discussion Questions

  1. Should African governments focus on expanding low-cost technologies that are easily adopted in both rural and urban areas, such as mobile phones, or on expanding more robust ICT services, such as Broadband and fiber-optic cable, that require heavy infrastructure investment?
  2. What is the role of the private sector in countries where little is currently known about the level of demand for robust ICT services?
  3. Are ICT-specific development projects required to enable infrastructure build-out or can ICT needs be met through mainstream financing programs for businesses?
  4. Given the enormous cost of investing in ICT, which sectors (i.e. state, NGO, local business) should be the first targets of government and donor efforts to drive ICT adoption and usage?
  5. What is the most effective way for these governments and donors to demonstrate the potential benefits of ICT adoption and usage to firms?

Read all this and much more on – The website for International Development Cooperation, and its (english) Newsletter.


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