Lebanon’s Economy

Today’s latest news on Google about Lebanon’s Economy:

But first read this, and then this;

The way Israel conducts its wars, By Mohammad Akef Jamal, Special to Gulf News – War is the last choice by a civilised country. Today’s wars are devastating and more powerful than those in the past. This is because civilians are the main victims of armed conflicts. The catastrophic consequences of wars have a devastating impact on civilians, especially if the war is between two unequal adversaries. (Read more on gulfnews.com).

On NPR – Lebanon’s Economy battered by Aerial Attacks: text. To be listened click on link there;

Middle East Economy Under Fire;

Conflict’s impact on Israel’s economy is scattered – In Jerusalem and other areas well outside the range of the conflict between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hezbollah, life goes on almost as normal. Hilary Kreiger reports;

Lebanese psychic flooded with calls;

Jonathan Cook: Five Primetime Lies from the American Media;

St. Louis Jewish Light.com;

World ‘locked in energy war‘;

Saudi gives battered Lebanon economy $1.5 bln cushion. Same on BBC, on News24, same on naharnet/english;

United Press International – News, Analysis, Insight;

CNN money, about Oil, and about the end of progress;
Economy also a victim of war, Beirut businesses are struggling to stay alive in chaos;

again about oil;

Geopolitical Diary;


United States – Economy may face bigger risks due to oil, Mideast violence;

Israel’s Chamber of Commerce tells;

Attacks on Lebanon cause serious food supply crisis – FAO warns;

FACTBOX-Details of aid to Lebanon;

and so on … just put Lebanon and Economy into Google, then click on News.

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