There is no scientific consensus at the UN

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Published on, by Thierry Meyssan, December 20, 2009.

While the overwhelming media campaign is heralding the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference as our last chance to save the planet, Thierry Meyssan considers that, despite appearances, the issues on the table have little to do with environmental concerns but revolve around financial interests instead. According to him, what is in the works is not the creation of a new model of environment-friendly production but the revival of anglo-saxon capitalism. In this first article, he sheds light on a basic misapprehension: there is no scientific consensus emanating from the United Nations. It simply cannot happen in a forum of that nature … // 

… The Motive:

Several years later, the United Nations and the US Government removed the Year 2000 sites from the internet. But the mountains of official reports on the millenium bug, which have been published by nearly every State and inter-governmental organisation, can still be consulted in libraries. In any event, on 1 January 2000, it dawned on everyone that they were nul and void and that the danger of 2000 had been nothing but a scam.

In reality, the entire affair had been painstakingly set up. Senator Bob Bennett is also a well-known CIA contact, for which he worked during his youth. Bruce W. McConnell as well has connections with the intelligence community. Moreover, he has recently been appointed by President Obama to oversee cybersecurity at the Homeland Security Department. His former deputy, Art Warman, is currently VEGA Executive Director, a structure which enables the CIA to infiltrate national NGOs and which offers green development programmes to the Third World.

The year 2000 hoax made it possible for Wahington to impose software harmonization worldwide and to create a global communications network among States. According to the States themselves, the efforts that went into the IY2KCC also made it easier to coordinate efforts in the context of the war against terrorrism after September 11. Moreover, such harmonization paved the way for the United States to impose its own software equipment and, inter alia, to allow Bill Gates to amass a fortune. All software systems have been endorsed by the National Security Agency, signifying that they are permeable to intrusions by the US intelligence services.

For the gullible who let themselves be manipulated, the cost of this operation ranged between 300 and 600 billion dollars, depending on the sources, of which less than 40 were shouldered by the United States. Quite a swindle!

Al Gore, the IPCC and Copenhaguen:

Having no memory, the media failed to ask Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore whether his global warming alerts are more sincere than his year 2000 alerts. Nor did anyone inquire about the nature of the IPCC (co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize). The presence of a few climate experts in the midst of diplomats does not make of this political gathering a scientific academy. (full text).

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