Move Your Money From Your Giant Bank to a Community Bank

Published on the Huffington Post, by Arianna Huffington and Rob Johnson,  December 29, 2009.

Last week, over a pre-Christmas dinner, the two of us, along with political strategist Alexis McGill, filmmaker/author Eugene Jarecki, and Nick Penniman of the HuffPost Investigative Fund, began talking about the huge, growing chasm between the fortunes of Wall Street banks and Main Street banks, and started discussing what concrete steps individuals could take to help create a better financial system. Before long, the conversation turned practical, and with some help from friends in the world of bank analysis, a video and website were produced devoted to a simple idea: Move Your Money …

… Watch this video on Huffington Post: scroll down and click on MOVE YOUR MONEY, 4.12 min, and read the full text.

Links: Google search for moveyourmoney (30.12.2009/11.00amMEZ), and same for Google News-search.

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