Scanning the Abdulmutallab story for more lies

Linked with Jerry Mazza – USA. – Published on Online Journal, by Jerry Mazza, January 7, 2010.

Returning to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to blow up a Northwest airliner on Christmas day, let’s scan the body of evidence for government lies, the real explosive elements. Let’s give Umar a good dose of radiation with the knowledge that first reveals the 80 grams of PETN explosive he carried in his crotch lacked a blasting cap to blow him and the plane away. Instead, lighting with an injection of liquid did nothing but set him on fire. As if no one in the military or intelligence knew that. 

After reading my article Scripting the ‘fear of flying,’ my friend John McCarthy, retired Marine captain from the Vietnam War clued me via email: “Jerry, the false flaggers forgot that a blasting cap is required to detonate PETN and other plastic explosives. Sure, it will burn and we used it in winter to heat our cans of food, but a blasting cap is missing from the mix. So, the PTB’s [Powers That Be] wanted to raise the fear factor, which this incident did, without loss of life and a $75 million dollar airplane . . . now the Israeli firms that make the full body scanners will reap millions” …

… In fact, we ought to scan and strip Michael Chertoff, dual Israeli/American citizen, of his scam to push the machines for the juice he’s squeezing out of it. Then, send him to jail on conflict of interest charges, perhaps at GITMO. That would be real justice. Funny, how the lies appear ruthlessly clear when the scanner of genuine intelligence is applied to them.

BTW, the Chertoff story originally appeared in the mainstream Washington Post and was then picked up by many Internet sites. This only proves how far a little bit of truth can go, not to mention what a scam Homeland Security is. It has $60 billion to throw around on these anti-terror gimmicks that never seem to work except to make their pushers rich and richer. Each tragedy (or brush with it) brings a new call for more gimmicks, but the possibility of harm doesn’t diminish. It’s funny how that works.

Net-net, scanning the news for the lies and the truth is the only real protection we have against our faux protectors, who aid and abet “terrorists,” who virtually create them, and set them on their track to commit false-flag operations. These acts suck up our blood and assets, like the corrupt bailouts, and continue the dismantling of America.

We need to know we are in the hands of thieves and assassins on many levels. The real army of protectors is comprised of all those exposing the above; whether as whistleblowers, writing about them, standing up to or speaking out to protest these murderous rip-offs. Yet it is difficult to keep scanning accurately under the relentless pressure of the larger entity, the government, pressing for more fear, surveillance, and gouging of rights. All this is done to continue the barbarous wars in search of OPO, other people’s oil, some of which, believe it or not, we are contemplating pipelining to Israel, as Haaretz tells us.

As to our real enemies out there, we have to take a long hard look in the mirror of memory to realize what the US as a hegemonic, colonizing Empire has done to others to create the anger, rage and response to US appropriation of their assets, territory, their freedom and lives. To quote Shakespeare, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars but in ourselves.”

This is not to say that foreign governments with intentions of suppressing their people or purloining their assets and natural resources for our money and support are not partners in crime and murderous wars. That is exactly the case. But the scanner of human intelligence has to be on at all times determining who, what and where these true terrorists are. What we as Americans don’t have is a lock on good or evil. Both are shaded like light and dark throughout the world. The trick is keep up with the bad guys and expose them for what they are. (full text).

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