Between Geneva, Singapore and Heiligendamm

When globalisers obstruct globalisation, by Rainer Falk – With the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) in Geneva suspended, with the G8 summit in St Petersburg deeply flawed, with an irritating outlook for next year’s Heiligendamm summit, and – last but not least – with the Bretton Woods twins IMF and World Bank in acute crisis, these days seem to form a perfect scenario for an anti-globaliser‘s summer festival. But it is the globalisers themselves who are obstructing globalisation. And the alternative to this fatal perspective is democracy … (Read this long article on World Economy & Development).

Down of the same page, find the link for Rainer Falk’s other article ‘How to Reform the IMF? How Much Weight for Europe?’ – The current debate about the future of the International Monetary Fund, such as just recently at the spring meetings of IMF and World Bank in Washington, is a historic opportunity for reform. Only those who benefit from the fund’s role as a debt collection agency and an instrument of disciplinary neo-liberalism might regret its current loss of importance, comments Rainer Falk … (read the rest there).

Read all this about Economy and much more on – The website for International  Development Cooperation, and on its (english) Newsletter.

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