World Economy seen by Economy Watch

The dependency among the countries of the world has increased very fast giving birth a more economic relationship. The information upon knowledge driven world economic countries is marked noteworthy. The performance of the world economic countries in the era of market friendliness has become more dynamic from time to time. Here in this section we are trying to cover the economic profile of the countries of the world. The area of the coverage on the countries include the key economic indicators, structure of the economy covering almost all the sectors, major exports and imports and performance of the economy in the international scenario.

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Key Economic Indicators – Understanding the economy’s ebb and flow can get complicated. But we’ve made it easy for investors, by sifting through the piles of economic data out there and plucking out a selection of key economic indicators. Use the applet below to examine some of the most common statistics that economists watch. For example, the gross domestic product, the key measure of the economy’s overall output from quarter to quarter, is a good indicator of where the economy’s been. To gauge where it’s headed, click on some of the other indicators, which show consumer purchasing trends, buyers’ moods, export orders and job growth. (See on

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