An Economy run on Smoke and Mirrors

Financial Manipulation on Wall Street – Published on Global, by Bob Chapman, April 4, 2010.

Link: see also on YouTube: Bob Chapman: 2035 Banks in Serious Danger, FDIC to End, Dollar Devaluation by 2010, 7.54 min, Nov. 11, 2009.

We have an economy run on smoke and mirrors, based on the manipulation of markets. That was accomplished via the executive order signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 in the aftermath of the stock market collapse of October 19, 1987, known as the “President’s Working Group on Financial markets.” This order intended to be implemented during emergencies has been used to manipulate markets worldwide 24/7.

We experienced an example of this misuse of power when the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose from 6,500 to 10,900 over this past year. This rise was aided by TARP and a host of other programs that injected trillions of dollars into the economy, which, of course, the American citizen is responsible for.

The result is we do not have free investment markets. A secret group led by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Department runs them. The SEC and the CFTC play their parts as government agencies to make sure the public doesn’t know what is going on. Another recent example is the CFTC testimony of Andrew Maguire, who informed the CFTC the date on which the market in silver was going to be manipulated by JPMorgan Chase. The manipulation occurred as outlined by Maguire and the CFTC did nothing to stop it. Thus, we have heavily manipulated markets that are part of control planning by our government in order to shape economic policy. If you happen to be on the right side of the trade it is fine. That is in this case if you are long the market. The other side of the trade is you lose as your government suppressed the gold and silver markets. You lose in a rigged market. This is the new American way. Seeing 72% of NYSE trades are black box created Wall Street wins and you lose. Better yet you just were allowed to bailout Wall Street and banking. Such a deal brought to you by the masters of the universe members of the Illuminist Skull & Bones.

Elitists believe that everything you have belongs to them because they created it are managing your financial life. A good example of that was on March 18th our President passed the most recent stimulus act, the $17.5 billion Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act HR 2487, which is now not only known as HIRE, but the Capital Controls Act as well. It requires foreign banks to withhold 30% of all outgoing capital flows to the Treasury and to disclose the full details of non-exempt account holders to the IRS. That is because the elitists allowed you to make that money and so they demand their 30% cut. If this demand is illegal in a foreign destination then the US government demands that the account be closed. The bottom line is if a foreign financial institution operates in the US or has a subsidiary in the US, they have to comply. That means the law is easy to get around, but the very fact that government has implemented Capital Controls is ominous.

Who do they think they are? Is there no privacy left? We also understand that those who have offices in the US must reveal all information in a foreign account in a foreign country and if that information is not forthcoming the US government demands the account be closed. Many banks will leave the US and that is understandable. Very few Americans have foreign accounts, thus this is just more harassment, and an attempt to further control the lives of Americans. As the world turns its something new monthly from government. We are averaging ten emails a day because of this and medical legislation from people who are very serious about leaving the country.

As you can see manipulation of the public masses and the market are part of official public policy, as well as of that of Wall Street. It has been for many years. We started to write on the subject in 1965. Today it is becoming public knowledge. This manipulation has become the nexus or mainstay of economic and political policy. The resultant financial policy has produced zero interest rates and more money and credit than at any time in modern history. They, the planners, expect that soon unemployment will reverse, but as yet that has not occurred, in spite of trillions of dollars being poured into G-20 countries, plus tens of trillions more in guarantees. In the US $1.5 to $2 trillion was put into financial companies, while the public was thrown a bone. Now that interest rates are rising and will continue to do so for some time to come, our master planners are getting nervous. The Fed is withdrawing funds from the system and stimulation has ended. What our geniuses are finding out are that once having achieved this withdrawal the US and world economy will start stepping back from this so-called recovery. Massive monetization has to continue to buy sovereign debt. If it is not available there are a minimum of 19 sovereign nations that will go bankrupt. America and the world haven’t gone under due to massive quantitative easing. The Fed is reducing money and credit, which is a major mistake. They are going to find there is going to be no exit.

As a result of very low interest rates investors have been attracted by high yielding junk bonds, which is a fatal mistake. Sooner or later 12 to 15 percent will go under as yields rise and bond prices fall in the future.

The ability of companies to increase earnings during a depression is via layoffs and forced productivity increases, as well as quantitative easing and stimulus. When you have 22-1/8% unemployment you have far less consumers to sell too. As this situation persists it can only be a matter of time before earnings fall.

That means that at current levels the stock market is very overpriced. The crowding out caused by sovereign debt sales is exerting tremendous pressure on bond yields and as we have said we expect the 10-year Treasury note to soon be over 4% and up to 5% over the next nine months. These events will bring the housing market to an abrupt halt. We see no way that can be halted … (full long text).

(Global Research Articles by Bob Chapman).

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