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“Believe It!”, by Jim Puplava & Eric King – An investor would be fortunate enough if he or she were to encounter one or two secular bull markets in their lifetime. Secular bull markets can last a long time and make investors a lot of money. If an investor can get onboard early enough and simply ride the bull, it is one of the few ways that real fortunes can be made.

New bull markets** when they begin are seldom recognized. Emerging trends are difficult to discern when they begin because investor attention is still focused on the last trend not recognizing that the rules of the investment game have been altered. Supply and demand fundamentals alter and change investment markets, giving rise to new bull markets and bringing others to a close. The key is to recognize when one trend is coming to a close and another trend has emerged to take its place.

This is one of those times.

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** A bull market is a prolonged period of time when prices are rising in a financial market faster than their historical average, in contrast to a bear market which is a prolonged period of time when prices are falling. Investors can be described as having bullish or bearish sentiments. Market trends are witnessed when bulls (buyers) outnumber bears (sellers), or vice versa, consistently over time. In general, a bull or bear market refers to the market and sentiment as a whole but it can also be used to refer to specific securities, sectors, or similar (”bullish on IBM”, “bullish on technology stocks” or “bearish on gold”, for example). (See on wikipedia/Market trends).

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