Fifteen years is enough

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Download a new publication: Fifteen Years is Enough: What’s changed in the international financial system and its institutions, what hasn’t and what needs to, 64 pdf-pages.

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About the publication Back in 1995, the G7 met in Halifax during a time of change and opportunity. A lot has changed since then, partly in response to the Halifax G7 Summit and subsequent G7 and G8 meetings. Too many of these improvements, however, exist only on paper.

Beyond the surface, the neo-liberal, market-oriented bias that guides the Bank and Fund’s agenda and thinking has not altered. The 2010 G8 Summit in Toronto in 2010 takes place during another time of change and opportunity. The financial crisis has spurred many civil society organizations (CSOs) to insist on far-reaching changes to the global financial system and its institutions … (full text).

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