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For info: Development Gateway Foundation, dgCommunities: E-Learning, September 12, 2006.

1. NEW! HIGHLIGHT: E-learning 2.0
3. SPECIAL REPORT: Aid & the MDGs: One Year After the World Summit
4. MEMBER DIRECTORY: Update Your Profile for Networking & Collaboration

1. NEW HIGHLIGHT: “E-learning 2.0″: Some of you must have heard of the Web 2.0. According to Wikipedia “O’Reilly Media coined the phrase Web 2.0 in 2004 to refer to a supposed second-generation of Internet-based services that let people collaborate and share information online in perceived new ways”. dgCommunities are concrete examples of those next generation Internet tools.

All fields are concerned by this ongoing improvement of the network and online services. The E-Learning, which has gone through some strong criticism during the last decade, is also entering into a new period where tools, methods and contents are developing through the definition of new standards, better reusability, Open Services and advanced learning Management Systems. This maturity of the distance learning world has been recently described by Stephen Downes, from the National Research Council of Canada. Mr. Downes draws an excellent overview of today’s state of E-learning in terms of latest evolutions and common Standards.


3. SPECIAL REPORT: Aid & the MDGs: One Year After the World Summit: Major aid and debt relief commitments were made in 2005 when donors rallied around the UN’s Millennium Development Goals at the MDG World Summit. As the UN 2006 General Assembly convenes this Fall, the Development Gateway has updated its Special Report on Aid Harmonization published during last year’s World Summit?and asked the question: Where has the momentum of 2005 led one year later in the developing world? This Special Report contains the original interviews with donors, multilateral banks, and civil society as well as new section with 2006 reports evaluating the effectiveness of the MDGs. Read the update at: developmentgateway.

4. NEW MEMBER DIRECTORY - UPDATE YOUR MEMBER PROFILE! With over 30,000 registered dgCommunities members, the Member Directory provides a one-stop shop for key contacts and collaboration worldwide. We invite you to take advantage of this unprecedented collaborative tool and add your profile today!

Our new Member Directory enables you to more easily contact fellow professionals in the international development community for expert advice, information, and collaboration. You will be able to find development practitioners from over 200 countries, with interests and expertise in dozens of areas, including your own! We invite you to update your member profile to let your colleagues in development know more about your interests and expertise. You’ll find the profiles very useful when using the Member Directory to communicate and collaborate with fellow members on your next program or project. From this page of developmentgateway simply click on “My Gateway” in the upper right corner, log in, scroll down to “My Member Profile” and click “edit this information.”

Quick Start – 4 Easy Steps:

-ESTABLISH YOUR PROFILE: Let your colleagues in development know more about your interests and expertise through your dgCommunities profile. Simply log in, go to My Gateway, scroll down to “My Member Profile”, and click “Edit this information”.

-SEARCH FOR MEMBERS: Log in to the Development Gateway, and click the Member Directory link located in the right column on any dgCommunity home page. You can search by: name, country, interest, expertise, organization, organization type, or by keywords in member bios. Search Results will show you a list of members with a link to their profiles. You can also reach the Member Directory when you log in, go to My Gateway and click on “Add Members to My Contacts”.

-COMMUNICATE WITH MEMBERS: When viewing a member’s profile, click “Contact this user”. This will open a message box in which you can type and send a message through our message forwarding system.

-CREATE OWN CONTACT LIST OF MEMBERS: You can build a list of key contacts and form your own network of members. Searching for members will produce a results list; you can then select members to be added to your “My Contacts” list by clicking on the plus sign under “Status” for each desired contact. Or, when viewing a particular member’s profile, click “Add this member to My Contacts”. Your full “My Contacts” list can be viewed when you log in, go to My Gateway, scroll down to “My Contacts” and click “View My Contacts.”

5. DISTRIBUTE YOUR CONTENT: Have knowledge resources you want to share with the community, such as websites, reports or presentations? Want to raise awareness AND drive traffic to your website? You can accomplish both of them by adding content to the Development Gateway in dgCommunities. It’s easy: simply go to , click on the topic most related to your content, and click “Add Content Here” located in the middle of the page. Links to approved content are sent by e-mail alerts to registered members–an effective way to share knowledge and direct traffic to your website!

6. VIRTUAL CONSULTATION FOR INTER-AMERICAN MINISTERIAL MEETING ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: dgCommunities members are invited to share their views in a virtual consultation forum with civil society and indigenous peoples sponsored by the Government of Bolivia and the Organization of American States, and in cooperation with the Development Gateway Foundation. The forum will address sustainable development issues. A summary of comments will be presented by the OAS to the First Inter-American Meeting of Ministers and High-Level Authorities on Sustainable Development, to be held in Bolivia on October 5-6.


As a member of the dgCommunity on E-Learning you can share your knowledge resources (e.g., websites, papers, reports, presentations, images, news, events, etc) in just about any format including streaming audio and video. Each resource will be described on a unique interactive page that will acknowledge you as the contributor and link to your profile. To view full text of knowledge resources, users will follow links to host websites, which will benefit from increased traffic from the Development Gateway community! Simply click on the “Add content here” hyperlink at this page of developmentgateway: Thank you! Email:

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