Ph.D. Colloquium on Diversity

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Call for papers:

languages, translation and communication in the French-speaking world – Every year, dozens of doctoral students defend their theses in languages, translation and communications in both France and Québec. Under the influence of globalization and the widespread use of the Internet, issues of linguistic and cultural diversity have given rise to research studies on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of these studies carried out in either English or French have focused on the information society, its social impact and its political and cultural challenges. Most unfortunately, there are few opportunities for doctoral students and researchers, each working in his/her own corner of the “global village”, to meet and exchange views. Consequently, people tend all too often to work in isolation whether in France or Québec.

The Ph. D. Colloquium on Diversity is intended to be a forum for scientific meetings and exchanges between doctoral students and researchers from both sides of the Atlantic. Its main purpose is twofold: on the one hand, to encourage exchanges between Québecbased researchers and those in France on topics related to language and communication in French and other international languages and on the other hand, to allow researchers to present an overview of their work in progress and to showcase the types of projects undertaken in their respective universities.

The Colloquium Committee will identify those doctoral candidates who will be invited to present their on-going work during the Ph. D. Colloquium on Diversity. The Colloquium will focus more specifically on research in bilingual and multilingual communication. Presentations will be limited to one half-hour each followed by a discussion with the Colloquium Committee. The Committee will be comprised of specialists in multilingual communication from Québec-based and French institutions including among others: McGill University, l’Université du Québec, l’Université Lumière-Lyon 2 and l’Université de Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle; academics from these universities will sit on the Committee. The overall impact will serve to bring some research projects more into focus, to allow researchers to go into greater depth in their work and to identify areas of overlap and areas of possible future cooperation between Québec-based and French institutions.

Call for papers:

If you are interested in presenting your research project to the Ph. D. Colloquium on Diversity, please send in your proposal before 15 September 2006. Acceptance letters will be sent out by 27 October 2006 at the latest. In the case of each paper, presenters will have thirty minutes speaking time followed by ten minutes for questions and answers. Papers may be presented in either English or French.

Date and place: 5 and 6 December 2006, McGill University, MONTREAL (Québec), Canada

Registration and fees: Each presenter must register for the Colloquium and pay the fees according to the schedule below:

Students CAN$30;
Academics and researchers affiliated with an institution of higher learning CAN$60;
Other attendees CAN$100.

Travel and housing:

Attendees are responsible for making their own travel and housing arrangements. However,attendees may wish take advantage of preferential rates in the McGill hotels; these may be found on the McGill WEB site.

Important dates and deadlines:

15/09/2006: deadline for submitting paper proposals.
27/10/2006: letters of acceptance to be mailed out.
17/11/2006: deadline for final registration.
05/12/2006: opening of the Ph. D. Colloquium

Colloquium Committee:

James ARCHIBALD, McGill University (Canada), Director, Department of Translation Studies/Association for Business Communication;
Divina FRAU-MEIGS, Université de Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle (France)/ IAMCR / AIERI (The International Association for Media and Communication, Research/Association Internationale des Études et Recherches sur L’Information et la Communication);
Mathieu GUIDERE, Université de Lyon 2 (France), Centre de Recherche en Terminologie et Traduction (CRTT)/Centre de Recherche des Écoles de Coëtquidan CREC.

Contact: For more information on the Colloquium kindly contact J. Archibald, Director Department of Translation Studies, McGill University, 688 Sherbrooke Street, West, Room 1181, MONTRÉAL QC H3A 3R1 Canada. Fax : 514-398-1769. E-mail.

PAPER PROPOSALS: Proposals may be no longer than 200 words, must be double-spaced and typed on one page. Include in the upper right-hand corner the following information:

1. the research topic or subject;
2. the name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail of the presenter(s) / author(s);
3. the institutional affiliation;
4. the material or equipment required;
5. the complete title of the paper presentation.

Each proposal must be accompanied by the presenter(s)’s or author(s)’s CV showing his/her area of expertise and a short biographical sketch which may be published in the official program. Please submit all proposals on a diskette or as an e-mail attachment (Word – rtf) on or before 15 September 2006 to the following address:
Colloquium Committee, Ph. D. Colloquium on Diversity, McGill University, 688 Sherbrooke Street West, Room 1181, MONTRÉAL QC H3A 3R1, Canada. Fax : 514-398-1769. E- mail.

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