LEAP/E2020’s anticipations

Newropean’s Magazine, September 200:, IMF confirms LEAP/E2020’s anticipations on Global Systemic Crisis.

While LEAP/E2020 publishes its GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin N°7, continuing its work of anticipation of a global systemic crisis, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) publishes two reports (the semi-annual Global Financial Stability Report and the World Economic Outlook, September 12 and 13, 2006) which confirm the forecasts released by LEAP/E2020 throughout the year.

In these two reports, the IMF draws a disturbing picture of the risks weighing over the global economy. It analyses and comments at length the following trends: US real-estate bubble collapse, US economy recession, US Federal Reserve’s dilemma regarding interest rates developments, long-term fall of the dollar, long-term rise of oil prices. These are precisely the economic and financial indicators used by LEAP/E2020 to develop its forecast of a crisis.

Collapse of US real-estate bubble:

(Read this whole long article on this page of europe2020.org, see also their Homepage in english, and in french).

My own comment: it is obvious that sometimes this prophecies act as a self fullfilling prophecy, that means: when every one believes that something will happen, then IT HAPPENS.

In any way, I think that some people have a strong interest in such a crisis:  the owners of the big  Federal banks, loaning/creating after every crisis new money and – by the depts of the deptees – are able to dictate pratically all life conditions to the peoples.

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