Published on Business Spectator, by Rob Burgess, 23 Apr 2010.

… In nine days on the road with Steve Keen, Business Spectator has witnessed many debates lead by this obsessive but intellectually dynamic professor. He’s stopped to drink wine with his dozen-strong entourage, gorged on pub meals to replace the calories burned up through hours of walking and running, pacing back and forth, mobile to ear, organising and reorganising motels and transport. And he’s spent hours telling anyone who’ll listen that Australia is headed for the mother of all financial collapses, the result of a debt fuelled housing bubble that simple cannot get much bigger.

Today, a short 20km sprint up the mountain will finish the Canberra to Kosciusko ‘Keen Debt March’ – a physical and intellectual experience the likes of which no member of the walking party is likely to see again. 

Whatever the future holds for Australia’s economy, it is clear that Keen’s relentless message to Australian policy-makers is sincere and, at the very least, founded in constant intellectual exertion. As Keen jogs out of the driveway in Perisher today, it’s clear he fully believes that both for this epic walk, and for the economy, we are almost at the peak. (full text).


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