Gun control and women

by Howard Nemerov, September 27, 2006, on

Gun control activists said on Monday the world was awash in small arms, fueling violence, and called for global cooperation and stricter limits on the trade.

A human rights report by a consortium of groups highlighted the impact of guns on the lives of women, saying they were often the “silent victims” of the small arms trade.

“Given that they are almost never the buyers, owners or users of small arms, (women) suffer disproportionately from armed violence,” said Denise Searle of Amnesty International, one of the groups releasing the report.

“Where guns are available, more women are likely to be killed.”[1]

In order to implement their policies globally, gun control activists promote the idea that more guns means increased victimization of women. This runs counter to established crime trends showing that women in countries instituting gun bans suffered increasing rates of rape while rape decreased in the U.S., where guns are available.[2],[3] But giving the benefit of the doubt, let’s see how women fared when United Nations peacekeeping forces controlled war zones throughout the world, and where, according to U.N. belief, civilian disarmament makes people safer.

It is curious that Amnesty International – which in the above quote identifies itself as a global protector of women – also drew attention to U.N. peacekeeping forces’ abuse of women. (Read the rest of this article on

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