The Financial Oligarchy Reigns: Democracy’s Death Spiral From Greece to the United States

Published on Global, by David DeGraw,May 15, 2010.

As the Economic Elite continue their plunder, the people in Greece riot and the big banks score yet another big blow against the people of the United States.

  • I: Democracy Vs. Oligarchy: Lessons from History
  • II: The Second Civil War: Financial Reform 2010
  • III: Financial Terrorism Operations: 9/29/08 & 5/6/10
  • IV: Economic Imperialism and Blowback
  • V: Propagandized in America
  • VI: Save Yourself and Take Action 

Democracy throughout the world is under attack. Many people can make the argument that our democracy here in America is only an illusion, but even the illusion of democracy is crashing down. Tragedies are currently playing out across the world on an epic scale. Unprecedented economic and environmental catastrophes have become the norm. Billions of people, the overwhelming majority of humanity, have been sentenced to a slow death due to a concentration of wealth and resources within humanity’s economic top 0.5%. Ultimately, short-sighted greed has proven to be humanity’s most severe disease.

I: Democracy Vs. Oligarchy: Lessons from History: … //

… VI: Save Yourself and Take Action:

If you’re waiting on the Government to help you, you’re going to end up with the “short” end of the stick yet again. The Government is not on our side. In fact, just like Goldman Sachs, they are betting against us and “shorting us,” as the financial reform process is proving. Our government officials have been bought off and are on the side of the Oligarchs.

In life, things are rarely black and white; most situations usually have many gray areas. Unfortunately, this is not one of those situations. Either we all unite on common groundand  STAND UP together as a mass non-violent movement now, or we descend further into a death spiral that will eventually lead to rioting and mass violence, as the 50 million Americans who are now desperately fighting for survival continue to be ignored, until they act out, just as they have done the world over. Suicide bombings, like the one that hit the IRS building in Texas, will occur more frequently. Next time, exploited and foreclosed-upon American citizens will not fail in their bombing attempts. The situation we are in now has many precedents in history and currently around the world. On a sociological level, we know what the future will hold for a society with such devastating inequalities and such a high number of desperate citizens living in dire straits.

As Guy DeBord summed it up: “The economy has now come to declare open war on humanity, attacking not only our possibilities for living, but our chances of survival…. When an all-powerful economy lost its reason – and that is precisely what defines these spectacular times.”

In conclusion, my main message is not one of despair. I know the game is rigged against us, but I also know that we ultimately have the power. We are 99% of the population. It’s just a matter of organizing together and exercising our will. It comes down to our ability to inform and inspire our family, friends and neighbors. It comes down to us overcoming our own passive unwillingness to STAND UP for our own rights, which is part of the reason we are in this crisis to begin with. We are at a point in American history where the stakes have never been higher. I wish we could just turn away and ignore it, but I know we can’t. Our very way of life is under attack. It is the very unfortunate reality of our current crisis.

Will we WAKE UP and acknowledge this, or will we continue to sleepwalk in ignorance to a slow death?

The Financial Oligarchy and their puppet politicians are betting that we will remain passive and accept a severe reduction in our standard of living. On a personal level, I’m going “all in” on the side of the American people. So from this point forward, I am dedicating myself to a mobilization to SAVE OUR ECONOMY AND DEMOCRACY from the Financial Oligarchy that has seized it.

I hope that those of you who are aware will do the same. You can get more information on the Mobilization for Our Economy. (full long text).

(David DeGraw is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by David DeGraw).

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