Our Planet Is At A Crossroads

Linked with International Vegetarian Union IVU. – Published on IVU, by George Jacobs, not dated.

Our planet is at a crossroads. The good news is that, partly through the efforts of the member organizations of the International Vegetarian Union, more and more people are turning away from meat, and plant-based foods are becoming more readily available. Unfortunately, at the same time, worldwide meat consumption continues to rise.

Vegetarian activists from around the world will together in Indonesia from 1-7 October, 2010. We will be meeting at a time when our planet is at a crossroads. We are at a crossroads because the destruction that meat consumption causes has never been greater, nor have we ever had a clearer, more science-based picture of why we need to switch to a plant-based diet.

We are at a crossroads for human health, because diseases linked to meat consumption wreak havoc on our health, while at the same time, research mounts showing that we can be healthy, even healthier, on a plant-based diet … //

… Thus, the task before us will be a huge and difficult one when we gather in Indonesia at this crossroads point for humans and our fellow earthlings. Fortunately, our gracious hosts from the Indonesia Vegetarian Society are carefully preparing the ground for a successful IVU World Vegetarian Congress, a congress that can better equip us to overcome the challenges we face. IVS is preparing an inspiring and informative programme, comfortable and well-equipped venues and accommodation, and, of course, a wide range of tasty plant-based dishes. Equally important, IVS, with its 80,000 members from all walks of life, religions and races and its many and varied public outreach activities, sets a powerful example that visiting vegetarian activists can learn from and be inspired by.

On behalf of the International Council of the International Vegetarian Union, I warmly invite all of you to Indonesia to join forces to promote the enormously important work we do at this crossroads time for our planet..

Respectfully, George Jacobs, Ph.D. (full text).

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