Conflicting accounts of Israeli raid on flotilla

Published on english, June 02, 2010.

Watch Israel’s  black and white video, 2.10 min: … Activists returning to Europe after the attack said the commandos had beaten passengers and used electric shocks during the assault. A German doctor, who had been on board the Marmara, said he saw four activists who had died of gun shot wounds.

Matthias Jocheim, German Activist, said, “I saw the bodies of four people at the entrance. They died because of heavy ammunition. Not rubber bullets, heavy ammunition was used.” Israeli police say 16 pro-Palestinian activists from the Gaza-bound flotilla have been sent to jail. It will deport around 700 activists from the flotilla. 

Of the people they questioned, 45 have agreed to go back to their home countries, while most are refusing to leave Israel,and could be imprisoned. Jordan and Israel have since agreed that 124 Arab activists arrested will be released immediately and returned to their home countries via Jordan. (full text).

(Source: /see also CCTV on english wikipedia).

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