Economic reconstruction and development in South-East Europe

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An European Commission / World Bank initiative to provide a real-time working tool and help donors identify the current situation in South-East Europe and the macroeconomic needs of the countries. Also provides an additional way for donors to coordinate their assistance.

click here for (a beautiful) regional map of South-East-Europe.

The Joint Office for South East Europe was set up in 1999 to support the European Commission / World Bank in their Joint role as coordinators of international assistance for the reconstruction and development of South East Europe (SEE). The work of the office is underpinned by three core interrelated functions:

  • Facilitating European Commission / World Bank / Donor Cooperation;
  • Aid mobilization and monitoring aid flows to South East Europe; and,
  • Communicating and transferring knowledge and information to both the international community and the countries of the region.

The Office has played an instrumental role in the preparation and follow-up to several donor conferences and two regional conferences, supporting the work of the High Level Steering Group in the mobilization of international assistance. In particular, the Joint Office has developed a set databases to trace donor pledges, commitments and disbursements. (See more on about us).

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