Afghanistan is first priority: What planet is David Cameron on?

Linked with Stop the War Coalition StWC. – Published on Stop the War Coalition, by Robin Beste, June 10, 2010.

Afghanistan is “my number one priority”, said David Cameron on 10 June, when he visited Kabul for the first time since becoming prime minister. It is, Cameron added, the British government’s “most important foreign policy and national security issue” … //

… Imbecilic:

The vast majority of people in the US and Britain have made clear in poll after poll that they want their country’s troops withdrawn, but still we get the warmongers’ imbecilic insistence that the troops are waging war in Afghanistan to defend the streets of London and New York.  

At least Hamid Karzai seems to know the game is up. According to his former head of intelligence, who resigned last week, Karzai has “lost faith in US ability to defeat the Taliban” and is already looking to strike a deal with Pakistan — until recently long time protector of the Taliban.

Maybe Karzai’s reported comment earlier this year that he might consider joining the Taliban had the merit of containing an appreciation of which way the wind is blowing.

Karzai’s government is utterly discredited and corrupt. But this the man that David Cameron wants British soldiers to kill and die to keep in power.

Cameron announced in Kabul that more £200 million would be diverted from the government’s international aid budget towards training the Afghan army and police to take the place of the occupying armies, the cornerstone of an “exit strategy” which has already been shown to be utterly hopeless.

It is however when the game is up that occupying powers are at their most lethal, desperately trying to avoid any admission that their colonial enterprise faces defeat. In the Vietnam war it was obvious from 1968 that the US could not win, but the carnage continued for another five years, and millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians paid with their lives as President Richard Nixon searched for a face saving exit.


The prospect for the Afghan people is similarly horrifying, if the US and its allies — most notably the shameless … (full text).

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