A Thought Experiment: Iran

Published on Gonzalo Lira’s Blog, by Gonzalo Lira, June 12, 2010.

Imagine some Brazilian terrorist attacks China – he and his minions blow up the Forbidden City as well as the Great Wall, in one fairly spectacular terrorist attack.

We’re in America—this shouldn’t involve us. But as a consequence of these terrorist attacks, the Chinese – screaming for vengeance – deploy their sophisticated weapons and their millions of soldiers, and invade Canada. They invade Canada – our next-door neighbor – supposedly because this Brazilian terrorist is hiding in the frozen wastelands up north. Supposedly. 

Then, less than two years later, the Chinese claim that Mexico, of all countries, was involved in the terrorist attack against China. Nevermind that the Mexican leadership hates and fears the Brazilian terrorist. Nevermind that there’s no rhyme or reason for this alleged conspiracy. The Chinese use trumped up and extraordinarily dubious “evidence” to back this claim up. Then, they illegally invade Mexico, and outright occupy the country.

Our nation now finds it has a hundred thousand odd Chinese troops in Canada to the north, and another couple of hundred thousand odd Chinese troops in Mexico to the south – all of them armed to the teeth. Then, the Chinese leader, in a carefully choreographed official speech, declares our country – the U.S. – part of an “axis of evil”, and vows to wipe us out at the slightest provocation.

We in America know what the Chinese really want—they want our food. We have a lot of food, and while China too has plenty, they want more. They are unwilling to make their citizens pay fair market prices for food – so they want to capture our food, so they can feed their citizens at our expense … //

… All because of our resources—the Chinese are so insane to possess what is ours that they will do whatever is necessary to take it away. That is why they hate us Americans. That is why they have interfered unforgivably in our history. That is why they want to destroy America, and turn our country into their “protectorate” – so they can once again rape our land, and take away what belongs to us, and to our children.

The Chinese claim that they invaded Canada and Mexico in order to find this Brazilian terrorist – but with all their power, they still haven’t found him. Was there ever a terrorist? Or was it a false-flag operation? Did the Chinese themselves blow up the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, in order to have an excuse to invade the North American continent?

The Chinese hate us – that is obvious. They have troops in Mexico and Canada because they are obviously preparing to invade us and/or destroy us. Why else would they keep all those soldiers on our borders? Massed there, waiting. Waiting to invade us, as soon as they have the chance.

So we won’t give them the chance: Instead, we’ll help the Mexican and Canadian insurgents, with weapons and money, so we can buy time. Soon, our scientists will develop nuclear weapons of our own: Then neither the Chinese nor the despicable Venezueleans will ever again hold their nuclear sword to our throats with impunity. Soon, we will be able to strike back – and if they provoke us, we will strike back. Even if it means our own destruction.

Here ends the thought experiment – but not the questions.

Note added by the Editor:

First of all, how should any nation react when a hostile power invades both of its neighboring countries? And then proceeds to constantly threaten the squeezed nation? Because that is what Iran has to deal with: The United States has soldiers on both its borders, and the U.S. has avowed multiple times and through every conceivable channel that it wants to destroy Iran.

The more you think through America’s provocations and interference in Iran’s history, the more you can’t help but be impressed by Iran’s self-control. They have played their cards much better than either the U.S. or Israel … (full long text).

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