Buying Blackwater

Published on Geopolitical Monitor, by Jody Ray Bennett, June 24, 2010. – Summary: The recent announcement that the notorious private military company formerly known as Blackwater is up for sale highlights the end of an era, but leaves many remaining questions about its future.


Earlier this month, Xe Services, LLC, the latest re-branded name of the company that was once known as Blackwater Worldwide, announced that the company was up for sale. The announcement that Xe was seeking new ownership came somewhat as a surprise to industry insiders both in favor of and critical of the company, especially considering Blackwater’s seemingly amazing ability to withstand the yearly toll of accidents, mishaps and misconduct that has since earned it a highly negative reputation throughout the world … // 

… Take the money and run:

The former executive went on to explain to ISN Security Watch that Xe’s most likely buyers would include Cerberus, technology giant AECOM, or even large land developers, one of which has reportedly made an offer to Prince to buy the land upon which the US Training Centers sit.

Since the announcement that Xe was being placed on the market, it was revealed that Prince is planning a move to the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this month, a report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation wrote, “If Prince’s rumored future move is linked to concerns over possible indictment, the United Arab Emirates would be an interesting choice for a new home—particularly because it does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.”

Essentially, the UAE would be a perfect place for Prince to move if there were concerns that actions could be taken against him by US prosecutors, or even to “liquidate major holdings so he can move his money offshore […] in advance of possible claims by victims of Blackwater violence.” Blackwater has previously moved funds offshore through Prince’s Greystone, a “wholly-owned offshore company.”

Prince’s book titled We Are Blackwater was set for release in 2008 but was delayed for unknown reasons. He is reportedly gearing up to release a book this fall.

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