Looking back on Pakistan

One year ago, Northern Pakistan was hit by a devastating earthquake that killed more than 73,000 people and damaged and destroyed 600,000 homes. The UN refugee agency’s Emergency Response Teams were quickly on the ground, distributing tents to quake survivors. One year later, our teams are still working in these communities providing desperately needed long-term reconstruction assistance to victims of the earthquake.

With your support, the UN refugee agency provided the following life-saving assistance to earthquake survivors:

· 21,000 tents
· 115,000 plastic sheets
· 850,000 blankets
· 38,000 mattresses and,
· 25,000 heaters/stoves.

Once the immediate emergency phase ended, the hard work of rebuilding began. The onset of spring saw our ERTeams help more than 140,000 people to return home and start rebuilding their homes, their communities and their lives.

As the UN refugee agency’s emergency coordinator, Kilian Kleinschmidt noted “One of the main achievements in recent months is that we’ve made it easier for people to establish a home again.”

Not everybody has been able to go home yet. Thirty-five thousand people still live in 43 relief camps in Kashmir and NWFP. Winter is around the corner, and nearly 400,000 quake survivors still face a winter without permanent shelter.

Please click on http://www.unhcr.org/news/NEWS/452a3d104.html to read the whole article about how UNHCR’s ERTeams are helping on the ground in Pakistan one year after the earthquake.

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