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  • The Human Development Report 2006, Homepage: This year’s Human Development Report 2006 will be launched in Cape Town, South Africa on November 9, 2006. A website with the Report and all related material will go live the same day. Statistics: Here you can access data from the Human Development Report (HDR) and resources to help you better understand these data. You will also find helpful information about the human development index and other indices, links to other background materials, data resources and on-going debates and discussions on human development statistics;
  • The Human Development Reports HDR 2005 / 120 pages (with 109 pages of statistics): The Human Development Index HDI of this report is constructed to compare country achievements across all levels of human development. The indicators currently used in the index yield very small differences among the top HDI countries, and thus the top of the HDI ranking often reflects only the very small differences in these underlaying indicators. For these high-income countries, an alternative index – the human poverty index (shown in table 4) – can better reflect the extend of human deprivation that still exist among the populations and help the focus of public policies. For further discussions on the use and limitations of the HDI and its component indicators (see Page 9 of this 2005-Report);
  • United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, September 2006;


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