Online Training for NGOs

An Online Training by ‘Refugee Education Sponsorship Program‘ – SOFT SKILLS AND MANAGEMENT ABILITIES IN NGO ENVIRONMENTS, online training, next session 21 november to 10 december 2006:

Specially focusing on professionals and volunteers working in the field of development, humanitarian aid and related topics that demand and need something more than the formal training, given by their organizations, in the practical subjects they are working with. The development of all soft-skills that could maximize the effectiveness of our work is becoming more and more demanded and critical when hiring someone in the highly difficult field of assisting others.

The ability to coordinate a project, to manage a meeting, to do a presentation, to lead a team or to solve a dispute among co-workers is even more important that all your specialised knowledge in one single field.

We have developed this online course explaining and teaching the basics of all soft-skills that anyone, either working in the field or in the headquarters, should have in order to achieve more easily the goals of their organizations.

The course is structured in several sections each of them covering one soft-skill. At the end of the lessons there are small exercises that after done, will lead to an official certificate of completion. (Read all and more on this page of the Refugee Education Sponsorship Program).

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