Youth poverty, exclusion should be avoided

By SWISS Info, November 3, 2006 - Swiss Interior Minister Pascal Couchepin has warned society could be sitting on a time bomb if it doesn’t do more to help youngsters avoid poverty and exclusion. More and more children are considered to be at risk from pauperisation in Switzerland, while many teenagers are failing to gain access to the job market. Couchepin said in Biel on Friday that the authorities could not ignore the problems faced by part of the population, even if 97 per cent of the country’s inhabitants were doing alright.

He added that the fact that just three per cent of the population needed some kind of social aid was an invitation to find ways of helping these people. Couchepin said that specialists should probably focus on three domains: education, family-friendly policies and extra-curricular activities. “A lack of education is leading cause of poverty,” admitted the interior minister, calling on the authorities at all levels to pay closer attention to the social integration of youngsters. “Otherwise we will be lighting the fuse of a social bomb that could very well blow up one day.” (Read the rest of this article on above link).

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