Supporting good governance and water management in the Indus Delta

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By Feroz MEHDI, 7 February 2006 – Read the whole of this article on this page of Alternatives.

The overarching objective of this program is to encourage and facilitate good local governance around the issue of development of an integrated water management strategy for the Indus delta and the region. The project will target and enhance collaboration between local stakeholders, civil society organizations, environmental agencies and decision-makers. The main activities include:

Capacity building workshops for local units of the PFF on rights to basic needs and environmental degradation affecting their daily lives:

  • Mobilization campaigns to raise awareness of citizenship rights among the fishing community.
  • Advocacy workshops with elected representatives of local councils.
  • Consultation seminars with elected members to local and provincial bodies, fishing community representatives and other concerned civil society organizations
  • Networking and communication with the international community
  • Publications and web portal

Year 1:

  • Organizational and management meetings to plan and produce Action Plans
  • Training of the PFF unit members on environmental degradation issues and their impact on the daily life of the community
  • Publication of program brochure
  • Publication of a newsletter
  • Publication of the first annual report

Year 2:

  • Review of the first year activities and preparing Action Plan for Year 2
  • Mobilization campaigns in the villages and towns of fisherfolk community by the PFF unit workers
  • Advocacy campaigns/Lobby with elected members to local bodies
  • Consultation roundtable with community representatives, PFF workers and elected representatives to local bodies
  • Web portal design
  • Publication of second newsletter
  • Publication of the Second annual report

Year 3:

  • Review of the activities of Year 2 and Action Plan for Year 3
  • Seminars in 5 towns of Keti Bunder, Thatta, Badin, Ibrahim Hyderi and Hyderabad with elected representatives, fisherfolk community, representatives of PFF and other NGOs and academics, researchers
  • Launching of the web site
  • Conference to launch the results of workshops and advocacy seminars
  • Publication of Report and evaluation of the conference
  • Publication of the Final Project Report


(Read the rest of this article on this page of Alternatives).

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