Economic Treason, The New Future?

Published on the WEB sphere Journal, by Jeff Schaffzin, May 5, 2004.

Winners and Losers in the outsourcing game – A trend begun on factory floors in an effort to replace low- and medium-skilled blue-collar workers so companies could save money, outsourcing has recently become a heated election-year issue. While it is difficult to hide plant closings and relocate their operations, it takes only a few clicks of a mouse on a virtual ledger to lay off hundreds, if not thousands, and hire 10 times as many more overseas. Who really benefits from this? Despite the reports from executives who swear by outsourcing, the answer is not as obvious as you might think.

In the beginning, no one – from the controllers and their financial analysts to the “nameless, faceless drones” on the manufacturing floor – really knew this would happen. Then one day someone realized it would be cheaper to take manufacturing jobs and send them elsewhere. Besides, the people here could always learn something else – the next big thing would always be around the corner. The result was devastating.

Families were forced to sell their homes, and countless lives were ruined. Many people still have not fully recovered from this attempt to “offshore” their work – work that can be done here just as efficiently as “there,” wherever “there” is. (Read the whole long article on the WEB sphere Journal).

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