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Published by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS on Counterpunch, July 15, 2005 – What Kind of Country Destroys the Job Market for Its Own Citizens?

The June payroll jobs report did not receive much attention due to the July 4 holiday, but the depressing 21st century job performance of the US economy continues unabated.

  • - Only 144,000 private sector jobs were created, each one of which was in domestic services.
  • - 56,000 jobs were created in professional and business services, about half of which are in administrative and waste services.
  • - 38,000 jobs were created in education and health services, almost all of which are in health care and social assistance.
  • - 19,000 jobs were created in leisure and hospitality, almost all of which are waitresses and bartenders.
  • - Membership associations and organizations created 10,000 jobs and repair and maintenance created 4,000 jobs.
  • - Financial activities created 16,000 jobs.

This most certainly is not the labor market profile of a first world country, much less a superpower. Where are the jobs for this year’s crop of engineering and science graduates? US manufacturing lost another 24,000 jobs in June … (Read the rest of this article on above link). You may reach the autor on this e-mail.


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