WANTED – the truth behind climate funds

Published on Eurodad, Sept. 3, 2010.

The Netherlands government launched a web site at the informal Geneva Dialogue on climate finance held over two days in Geneva 2-3 September 2010. The website aims to provide transparency over sources and allocation of climate finance commitments. So far six European countries, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and UK, and have detailed some fast-track climate related information on the new website. Eurodad and Publish What You Fund responded to the Netherlands initiative with the following press release. 

Press release: Civil society organisations are calling for greater progress on making information on climate finance available, following the Netherlands’ launch of a new  website to track climate finance at the ministerial meeting on climate finance taking place in Geneva  today … //

…To ensure that European governments live up to their promises and do not double count previous aid commitments against their new climate finance pledges, comprehensive, comparable and timely information standards are urgently needed.

These standards must:

  • Define what qualifies as climate financing  to ensure that it genuinely contributes to achieving climate objectives and does not undermine development goals;
  • Define what is new and additional – clarify which funds were already pledged before Copenhagen and how these are additional to previous ODA commitments; [2]
  • Be compatible with the emerging aid transparency standards being developed in the International Aid Transparency Initiative in order to enable the tracking, coordination, effectiveness and additionality of climate finance; and to ensure the quality of the delivered funds meet internationally agreed  aid effectiveness commitments, UN criteria and G77 demands;
  • Ensure that the information provided is comprehensive, covering the full range of channels, policy, terms and conditions, allocations and disbursements, details of transactions, and governance arrangements of the climate funds.

Contacts: … (full text).


WANTED – the truth behind climate funds, 2 pdf-pages;


Publish What You Fund.

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