Neigborhood first, some vested crooks second

Publisshed in, by Francisco Da Costa, Nov. 25, 2006 – Visitation Valley in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco is being coveted by SF Planning with little meaningful dialog with the Public at Large. Working closely with the some vested interests – are folks like Fran Martin who is total sell out. Fran has been recruited by Sophie Maxwell who has adversely impacted the Executive Park development – a plan, that has been worked on for the last 30 years. Now, suddenly Fran Martin and others want Executive Park to pay for Community Benefits in Visitation Valley.

In the mean time SF Redevelopment Agency has its sights on Visitation Valley. San Francisco has always had a process where the Neigborhood comes first and some vested crooks come second. SF Planning for years did allow the neighbors to participate actively to develop their neighborhood so that the majority would benefit. Now suddenly SF Planning is working with SF Redevelopment Agency to adversely impact large areas. It has done so with Bayview Hunters Point and now it wants to do the same with Visitation Valley

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Planning is not easy but Neighborhood Planning demands the participation of the people in the neighborhood. It is wrong for one or two crooks to try to speak for the neighborhood. It is good to allow those that have difficulty speaking English to allow them an opportunity to speak in their language – Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Samoan, and so forth. There is a sizable population that is Philipino and they have been left out. So, have the Samoans. Time for these communities to come together and check the crooks that are about to take the neighborhood to the cleaners.

Visitation Valley has the best weather and for years it has been a nice small community. It sure lacks some needed facilities that the City and County has FAILED to deliver. The City and County of San Francisco has been quick to collect taxes but very, very slow to give back what should be given to Visitation Valley. Francisco Da Costa, Director, Environmental Justice Advocacy. (Read the whole long article on above ink).

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