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If you are interested in themes like NGOs and Human Development, you may appreciate the NGO Manager Newsletter (e-mail). The last Newsletter No. 11, November 15, 2006, shows the following themes:

1. WORLD BANK COMPETITION FOR NGO PROJECTS IN 2007 ENDED ON NOVEMBER 21 – This competition is offering NGOs and others US$4 Million in awards for proposals with innovative ideas to improve health, nutrition, population outcomes of poor people in developing countries. Apply online at this worldbank-link.

2. NEW WEBSITES ON HUMAN RIGHTS TOOLS AND HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL – We are glad to announce the creation of two partner websites by Daniel D’Esposito who co-founded NGO Manager:

- Human Rights Tools provides easy access to key online resources on human rights. It contains an E-Library, country analysis pages, constantly updated news on human rights worldwide, a job center and lists blogs on human rights. You can sign up for the free newsletter which will update you on new tools and resources.

- The website Human Rights Council keeps you abreast of what the new Council in Geneva does, with links to the agenda, documents, news and analysis. The next session will start on November 27, so better check out early what is on the agenda.

3. THE NGO MANAGEMENT SCHOOL: FIRST COURSES NOW SCHEDULED - The first courses have now been scheduled for Nigeria, Ghana and Switzerland. For information on course dates, course fees and how to register, please read more at:

4. COURSES ON DEVELOPMENT AND HUMANITARIAN AID – Find information on courses in International Development and Humanitarian Aid. This site helps orientate those wishing to enter, or already active in Development and Humanitarian Aid. This directory is international in scope and covers professional training as well as university degree courses.

5. MANAGING YOURSELF AND OTHERS: A PICK-UP-AND-GO TRAINING PACK BY OXFAM – The modules in the Pick-up-and-Go packs provide a structured learning system for geographically dispersed NGO staff which enables basic training to be delivered where and when learners most need it. The Oxfam materials are designed for use by facilitators who have presentation and management skills but not necessarily any specialist expertise. Each pack consists of a printed manual and an integral CD, containing a short introduction to the approach and objectives of the course, together with detailed notes for facilitators, PowerPoint slides, and handouts for photocopying. The CD contains the entire English-language text, plus translations into French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

6. GENDER TRAINING WIKI – The Gender Training Wiki contains links to gender related training institutions with an updated calender of events, training materials and new publications. Developped by the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (UN-INSTRAW), the Gender Training Wiki is probably the most complete resource on the subject.

7. PROJECT BUDGETING AND ACCOUNTING – This is a short and very useful introduction to budgeting and accounting for NGOs. Chapters include: What is a budget, Who is involved in budgeting, Six simple stages in planning a budget and Three stages in monitoring a budget. Includes tips and examples. John Cammack wrote this eight page guidance note in 2003 for BOND. It is available as PDF and as Word-document (BOND is a network of over 280 UK-based NGOs working in international development). If you wish to move beyond this introduction, we recommend to consult the list of John’s publications at

7. COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANISATION MANAGEMENT – Fast-track overview on management for a community-based organisation. This 27-page PDF-document provides a good introduction – all staff members of NGOs should know these basics. Written by Marta Chechetto-Salles and Yvette Geyer for the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA), published in October 2006.

If you wish to learn more, refer to the 79-pages guide “How to build a good small NGO“, at networklearning.

8. APPRAISAL HANDBOOK – This VSO Working Paper by Jean Satterthwaite gives us the basics of an appraisal interview (what it is, what it is not), including useful sample forms.

9. THE MANAGER THAT’S NEVER THERE – Scott Berkun’s short article discusses a person whom we all have met: the manager who’s never there. Immediate recognition guaranteed. See also the comments on this article at the bottom of the page. Scott’s blog is worthwile browsing and there’s plenty of insight on management issues. His book “The Art of Project Management” received excellent reviews.

10. 10 LESSONS IN GUERILLA TACTICS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT – This satirical approach to project management shows the “possibilities a project manager has to create the appearance of managing a project well without the burden of actually doing it. (…) It is intended for project managers as well as people who monitor or supervise project managers, because we can prevent dirty tricks better if we have studied them.” Great fun to read – don’t miss it!! From Q-Success, an Austrian software company.

Please share this newsletter with friends and colleagues! Your comments and questions are most welcome! Best regards, Marco Kirschbaum, Editor.

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