The Barclay’s Octopus – who controls Big Money in the USA BEFORE the crash in 2007?

Linked with Matthias Chang – Malaysia. – Published on Global, by Matthias Chang, October 11, 2010.

If we know who controls big money, then it becomes obvious that the bailout of Big Money is essentially a bailout of the financial puppet masters behind the Big Money – Q.E.D.

I am sure that you are more than surprised that the Barclays Octopus was a major shareholder of so many big money banks before the crash of 2007.

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A) The Top Money Center Banks – Table 1: … a full long panoply of tables … //

… The above information was derived from the extensive research by Edward Ulysses Cate and other public sources.  Be like Edward Cate and educate yourself and others. And pray that it is not too late to do so.

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… (full text).

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