Security situation in Eastern Chad

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Thousands of people fled attacks on their villages and gathered under trees on the outskirts of Goz Beida, the main town in south eastern Chad. The last month has seen a deterioration in the security situation in Eastern Chad – a result of recent violent attacks on refugees in Western Darfur and the local population which has caused renewed displacements.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres speaking about the worsening situation in Chad, said last week, The humanitarian lifeline there is very, very fragile and we fear that continuing violence in the region could easily sever it, jeopardising the lives of thousands of Darfurians and Chadians who have already suffered too much.” Darfur refugees in Eastern Chad are feeling increasingly threatened as the fighting they fled in Sudan now appears to have spread across the border. This increased violence has seen UNHCR move quickly to relocate refugees and displaced Chadians to a safer site further from the border.

Refugees like Adam Abakar, who fled the fighting in Darfur are happy to find safety in these camps. He comments, ?Life in the camp is good, we have enough to eat & drink here. We will stay until security returns to Darfur. UNHCR has more than 95 international staff in Chad, including 67 in the east of the country and now estimates that over 90,000 people are displaced in Eastern Chad, including some 15,000 who have fled renewed fighting since the beginning of November, in the southeast of the country near the Darfur border. Don’t forget Darfur.

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