Omar Tarek Chowdhury’s angry text

Nobel – Man’s Un-Noble Corporate Nexus, By Omar Tarek Chowdhury, 16 December, 2006, on

Two excerpts of a longer text:

” … No award is politics-,economics-,philosophy-, and ideology-neutral. While discussing an award it is worthwhile to take stock of the organizations or persons behind it, to whom it is awarded, and the reasons behind not awarding it to some other person than the one who has been tipped for it. Joseph Stalin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but was not awarded it. Jean Paul Sartre, and in the near past, Arundhati Roy, the defiant voice, refused the Nobel Prize and Sahiyata Academy Award of India respectively. All these facts demand an analysis …

… It is interesting to note that though there are awards for those who can help the MNCs to maximize profit, there is none for advocacy work to create pressure and realize compensation for the irreparable loss of natural resources due to MNC operation. For example, there has been no award for anyone protesting against the damage done to gas and to bio-diversity by MNCs in the Magurchhara and the Tengratila gas fields, in north-eastern Bangladesh, which blew out due to their callous handling of the well-digging work. There has been no prize for advocacy work to safeguard people’s rights and environment in the Fulbari coal mine and its surrounding areas, there is no patron to support lobbying work in Washington D.C. in favor of the female workers in the garments factories who need safer working condition so that no worker has to be killed in fire accidents in the factories … ”

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My comment:

Look, the Elite is a body separated from the people and as that it defends itself against all what is not ’same’ as itself, means here ‘the people’. (Yes, they hold the system up, for their sake, even if they do not agree each other).

If you call that corrupt, ok. But a body is always defending itself agains any ‘not-self’, (we / the ‘others’).

The real vicious aggression comes from the Federal Bank’s PRIVAT OWNERS, creating money out of NOTHING, (through our normal banks giving loans), and then TAKING BACK the interests of this ‘nothing’, (and, being protected exactly by ‘OUR’ human rights laws which protect privat possessions). And it is only the interests we pay back to them which are real money, as they correspond to a real creation of value through our work.

If you want change this, change the FEDs in this world. But, prepare first how you react when ‘they’ deliberately make crash the whole system, in the hope to make us submissive again (a goal they may reach, seen the unability of people to take though decisions to changes).

So, what next??

Meanwhile you may read the book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve‘, by G. Edward Griffin, 624 pages of detailed infos.

It is interesting to note that the big Swiss Banks begin with Microcredits, arguing that this loans are very profitable for the loaners. Yes, the Swiss Banks discover the poors to make more and better money … time to read definitively the above mentionned book.

Please, I do not says that these microcredits shall not be given. I mention here only that ‘the system’ works for itself, not for ‘the others’. It is better for the poors to have this credits, but it would be much better to create another money system than the actual one.

But finally the system is working because we stupidly buy it …

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