EU plans ‘industrial revolution’

Published on BBCnews, on 10 January 2007.

Some excerpts: … EU vulnerability as an oil importer was thrown into sharp relief this week when Russia’s row with Belarus hit supplies.
Binding targets: This is the first step towards a common energy policy, says the BBC’s Europe editor Mark Mardell. There are three central pillars to the proposed integrated EU energy policy:

  • A true internal energy market
  • Accelerating the shift to low-carbon energy
  • Energy efficiency through the 20% target by 2020

In addition to the 20% of all EU energy that should come from renewable power by 2020, 10% of vehicle fuel should come from biofuels, said EU energy chief Andris Piebalgs …

… “We need new policies to face a new reality – policies which maintain Europe’s competitiveness, protect our environment and make our energy supplies more secure,” said Mr Barroso. “Europe must lead the world into a new, or maybe one should say post-industrial revolution – the development of a low-carbon economy” …

… “We have two points of disagreement with the commission, which are the possible eventual abolition of controlled prices and the question of separating asset ownership by integrated operators,” AFP cited an official source at the French industry ministry as saying. Meanwhile the commission’s proposal to reduce emissions was lambasted by one environmental pressure group …

… The package of measures will have to be approved by European governments before it can come into force. EU leaders will debate the commission’s proposals at a summit in March. (Read the whole article on BBCnews).

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