Be prepared to use force in China, Kevin Rudd told the US: WikiLeaks

Published on Daily News Abalysis DNA, by Melbourne Agency /PTI , Dec. 6, 2010.

According to a secret cable written by a US diplomat, Rudd told US secretary of state Hillary Clinton last year that Australia and the US should work to integrate China into the international community but be prepared to “deploy force if everything goes wrong”.

Rudd also said his vision for an Asia-Pacific Community was primarily an attempt to contain Chinese influence … // 

… McClelland said the Australian federal police was investigating the release of the cable.

“It is grossly irresponsible of an organisation to even contemplate publishing such information. Free speech is one thing, we all respect that, but we also respect the freedom and rights of people to live without fear,” he said.

He said it was “fair enough” that media outlets had published embarrassing material, but added “I would again just caution people to come back and really see what’s going on here”.

McClelland said there is every prospect that national security sensitive information will be published that will actually prejudice the safety of individuals who have done nothing more and nothing less than provide information to assist law enforcement and security agencies whose task is to protect our communities.

He also hit back at suggestions made by Julian Assange’s London-based lawyer that the WikiLeaks founder had not received Australian consular assistance over sex charges he faces in Sweden.

Assange is entitled to assistance from the Australian government, McClelland said, but given the countries involved that was unlikely to be necessary.

“Assange as an Australian citizen is entitled to consular assistance overseas in respect to any criminal allegations he may face.

“He is entitled to procedural fairness in respect to those allegations,” he said

And while Assange was welcome to return to Australia, the attorney-general warned “Australia has obligations pursuant to agreements that we have signed that ensure we will provide mutual assistance to countries that are investigating criminal law enforcement matters”. (full text).

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