Eco-friendly terrorism

by Chan Akya, Sep 30, 2006, Asia Times:

2 excerpts: … Having been subjected to the rigmarole of watching former US vice president Al Gore pontificating on the future of the planet in the film An Inconvenient Truth [1] and reading the gloomy projections for carbon emissions in Scientific American, I had an alternative view when reviewing the current electrified situation of Muslims against Catholics that arose from Pope Benedict XVI’s recent remarks.

My view is that terrorism could actually play a large part in reducing the world’s carbon emissions, and that alone should make Osama bin Laden and his ilk the new poster-boys of the ecological (green) movement.

Facts and friction: SciAm [2] reports that the 1 billion people living across North America, Europe (including Russia), Japan, Australia and New Zealand together contribute some 62% of carbon emissions. India, China and eripheral countries contribute a grand total of 25%, despite accounting for well over half the world’s population …

… Conclusion: I wrote in a previous article, [4] “I predict that future generations of Indians and Chinese will literally worship [George W Bush and bin Laden] for having pushed the West into a disastrous conflict with Islam.” By adopting a gradualist policy on carbon emissions, rejecting the Kyoto Protocol for example, Bush has intensified America’s strategic struggle for oil. For his part, bin Laden sees the oil dependency of the West on Islamic countries as a lever with which to derail those economies.

As I wrote in the same article, neither India nor China will adopt an activist stance in this battle, even if their strategic interests call for the battle to proceed. The Buddhist underpinnings of Chinese and Indian societies prevent the possibility of their governments encouraging terrorist tactics, or indeed even celebrating the trend. It could well prove fortuitous that bin Laden and his ilk aren’t standing around awaiting their approval. (Read the rest on this page of Asia Times).

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