Do You Know the Cost of War?

Published on The Total Collaps, by the blog owner, December 13, 2010.

Have you ever wondered what the International community could achieve if funding for war was diverted to urgent humanitarian needs? This eye opening cost calculator shows what could be bought instead of arms and military equipment. The Cost of a Single B-2 Stealth Bomber Is $1,000,000,000. This could provide ‘Any One’ of the following resources:

2,564,102,564 Meals For Starving People
1,150,510 Clean Water Wells.
31,446,541 Adult Cataract Operations. Restoring sight to the blind. 
285,714,286 Blankets for refugees. In emergencies, families often leave home with only the clothes they are wearing. Blankets give essential protection from the chilling cold.
106,951,872 Mosquito Nets. Two million people die every year from malaria, most are children under five.
31,466,331 Child Immunisations. Protect a child from the six childhood killer diseases – diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, polio, tetanus and tuberculosis. A gift of life every child must have.
713,318 Houses for family’s currently living in cramped, unsanitary and dangerous conditions.
270,196 Schools Furnished with desks, chairs, tables, blackboards – vital things children need to build a foundation for learning.
53,504,548 Children supplied with school books for a whole year.
1,000,000 Landmines removed from the ground …

and 13 more items

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