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On IPS, Jan 9, 2007… The forum brings together groups interested in helping Burkina Faso realise the aims of the World Social Forum (WSF), which is pushing for a more equitable global order. The WSF is due to hold its seventh annual gathering later this month (Jan. 20-25) in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. “For young people, especially, it’s hard to live in their country because there are no prospects and jobs are increasingly scarce,” says Théophile Ouédraogo, a member of the Small Farmers Confederation of Burkina (Confédération paysanne du Burkina) who took part in a meeting of the Burkina Faso Social Forum that was held last month …

Pledge to free world of injustice: SWF meet starts in Nairobi, by Shakhawat Liton, from Nairobi, Kenya, for The Daily Star, Committed to PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO KNOW, January 21, 2007:

The WSF, dubbed an anti-globalisation forum, will raise their concerns once again by organising cultural resistance, celebrations, panels, workshops, processions in the meet. The WSF that started in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001 has become one of the annual events that work against the negative consequences of globalisation, said a participant. “It is the greatest assembly of citizens with diverse backgrounds,” Toufiq Ben Abdullah, member of the organising committee of WSF, 2007 said.

The WSF is considered an open meeting place for ordinary people to get a platform to reflect their thoughts, have debates, share ideas and oppose a world dominated by capitalism or any form of imperialism. During the opening ceremony, participants chanted slogans against imperialism and repression of people in different countries, particularly in Palestine and Iraq. They also carried banners with anti-imperialism slogans as the theme of this meet is “People’s struggle, people’s alternatives”. This struggle is against neo-colonisation and injustice, a better world is possible, a speaker said while addressing the opening ceremony. The organising committee of the meet said their entire budget is less than $7 million. The money was contributed by different partners, social organisations and governments including France and Italy.

Interestingly, the newspapers published from Nairobi did not pay much attention to the WSF 2007 meet. The Daily Nation, the leading English newspaper of Kenya, in its front page ran only a single-column news yesterday about the WSF meet.

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