The EU and the Spanish Dirt Road

The European Commission manages, controls and punishes – Published on Current Concerns, december 2010.

km. If it were not so serious, one would write a satire. After years of legal dispute between the European Commission and Spain, on 20 May 2010 the country was finally done justice before the Court of Justice of the European Union and is now allowed to complete a dirt road to an asphalt road – however only with strict conditions. “The Commission”, it says in a press release of the Court, “was of the opinion that the development of the dirt road in an area of high importance to the survival of the Iberian lynx would carve up its habitat, complicate its spatial distribution and the connection between the areas of the different territorial small groups and above all, it would expose the young animals to the danger of being killed in collisions with vehicles” … // 

… The case in Spain is no isolated case in the EU. Studying the website of the EU Commission, you find a series of sanctions by the commission against EU member states, because these contravened in their nature parks or other so-called environmentally sensitive areas against any regulations from Brussels. The commission’s press outlets like “Violations against EU environmental law: Commission undertakes legal steps against Italy” from 18 January 2005 or “commission proceeds against Spain because of violation of the EU environmental law ” from 4 April 2006 exemplify this and give significant testimony of how the smallest detail is centrally steered, controlled and punished.

The EU Commission took Italy to the Court of Justice in 10 cases. This was not only because of “wrong” animal husbandry in an Italian zoo, but also because of violation against the mentioned Habitats Directive of 1992. Spain was sued, because the authorities had approved the construction of a hotel with several floors in a nature park, which did not correspond to the EU regulations. Brave new EU world! (full text).

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